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9 Schlagzahlen und 4 Mehrstellige Schlagstempel auf einen schwarzen Hintergrund gereiht

Steel hand stamps / punch stamp

What are hand stamping tools?

Hand stamps are marking tools made of tool steel that can be used to imprint individual letters, numbers, or logos into materials such as metal or leather using a hammer.

At one end of the typically elongated and square or rectangular cross-section stamp, the character to be imprinted is in relief but reversed.

Our hand stamps are made from high-quality carbon steel.

The engravings are created using a CNC-controlled engraving machine.

The stamps feature a turned or milled striking head and are hand-ground to match the engraving. Hardening is also done manually in special ovens to achieve the required hardness gradient.

Due to their quick and flexible usability, this cost-effective product is still widely used in various production areas today.

In addition to the systems offered in the shop, all types of hand stamps can be manufactured upon request.

Our hand stamps are rust-protected with chemical nickel plating. The hand stamps are made of carbon steel. Other materials are also possible, such as Mat. 1.2842.

Advantages of our Hand Stamps:

  • Simple and fast marking of workpieces of all kinds
  • High-quality impressions
  • Cost-effective
  • All representable fonts possible
  • All representable logos also possible (proofs available)
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