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Pickardt Maschinenprägewerk automatisch schaltend NPA 600 mit Schalter auf einen schwarzen Hintergrund stehend

Numbering embossing / Numbering heads

Numbering embossing tools are used in the field of product labeling to imprint article or serial numbers, model designations, date markings, and other information.

Other terms for numbering embossing tools include rotary stamp stamps or wheel stamp devices.

They are required in the metal, plastic, and woodworking industries.

Numbering embossing tools create an indelible marking (e.g., in steel).

Both cold and hot embossing (using electronic and adjustable heating) are possible.

In addition to the standard numbering embossing tools offered in the shop, character heights from 1mm to 100mm can be realized. In addition to standard fonts, all font shapes that can be represented as steel stamps are possible.

Special numbering embossing tools in combination with pre- or post-mounted type holders or embossing tools with hollow or curved engravings are also possible.

Please inquire about special numbering embossing tools - we have our own design department!

In general, two different systems are distinguished:

In pin-locked numbering embossing tools, the digit wheels are held in position by a locking pin. The wheels have a corresponding groove between the engraved digits.

In spring-locked embossing tools, the wheels are held in position by a rear gripper spring. To achieve this, a milled circuit is introduced laterally into the number wheels.

Automatically switching embossing tools (spring-locked) also have a switching device that advances the number by one position with each embossing stroke.

Our embossing tools are rust-protected with chemical nickel plating.

The wheels are standardly made from 1.2842 (1.2510) HRC 60 -1.

Other materials are also possible.

Embossing Tool Advantages:

  • -Easy marking of workpieces of all kinds
  • -High-quality impressions
  • -High working speed
  • -Easy adjustment of embossing wheels
  • -Modular design for maximum flexibility
  • -Easy replacement of spare wheels
  • -Spare wheels can be ordered individually
  • -Suitable for both manual and machine use
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