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Pickardt - steel types with eight-pointed star - embossed types with logo

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Pickardt - steel types with eight-pointed star sign Embossing types

Our high-quality steel types with integrated eight-pointed star sign logo enables both professional design and creativity. The steel types are particularly useful in the electrical industry, mechanical engineering and similar areas. The outstanding precision of our steel types allows for error-free markings that add a remarkable and unique touch to your projects. Trust the precision of our high-quality steel types with clearly visible eight-pointed star sign to improve the clarity and efficiency of your markings.

Our many years of experience and dedication in the production of marking tools ensure that our steel types with eight-pointed star signs meet the highest quality standards. The clear and well-defined star sign that our steel types leave is a sign of precision and professionalism. Whether you're installing electrical systems, marking components, or performing industrial applications, our steel grades will help you accomplish your tasks with confidence and excellence.

Increase the impact of your labels and give your projects an outstanding visual identity. Order our high-quality steel types with the eight-pointed star sign logo today and experience the difference, first-class precision and quality.

Type sizes (SH = font height) - steel types with Zodiac sign

SH: 2mm Body 2 x 4 x 19mm
SH: 3mm Body 3 x 6 x 19mm
SH: 4mm Body 4 x 8 x 19 mm
SH: 5mm Body 5 x 8 x 19 mm
SH: 6mm Body 5 x 8 x 19 mm
SH: 8mm Body 8 x 12 x 19 mm


Properties of our embossing types

  • Material 1.2210 or 1.2842 HRC 60 -2
  • CNC engraved steel types
  • Chemically nickel-plated steel types

Advantages of our steel types with star signs

  • Simple identification of all types of workpieces
  • high and excellent quality of the impressions
  • both great textual flexibility – and multiple logos possible
  • Rolling process also possible
  • for both manual and machine use