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Steel Hand Stamp "Diameter" Ø

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Steel Hand Stamp "Diameter" Ø

The Pickardt Steel Hand Stamp "Diameter" symbol Ø is a high-quality product manufactured in Germany. It is cost-effective, extremely durable, and efficient. Available for a limited time on SALE!

Hand stamps with the diameter symbol are marking tools made of tool steel used to imprint letters, numbers, or logos into materials such as metal or leather using a hammer.

Engravings are produced using CNC-controlled engraving machines.
Material: Carbon steel
Hand-hardened to ensure high quality
Standard font heights from 3 - 8 mm (smaller and larger font heights possible as applicable)
The stamps feature a turned impact head and are manually ground to match the engraving.
Our hand stamps are of particularly high quality and can be used even in demanding areas such as forges, die making, or steel construction.
Hand stamps are chemically nickel-plated.
Packaged in plastic sleeves.
Easy and fast marking of workpieces of all kinds
High quality impressions
All representable fonts possible
All representable logos also possible (proofs available)


HAND-HARDENED - to ensure high quality, our hand stamps are MADE IN GERMANY.

VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE APPLICATION: whether in demanding areas like forges, die making, steel construction, or in hobbies or DIY projects, these stamps can be used where they are needed, thanks to their particularly high-quality.

ALSO FOR PROFESSIONALS: Made from hand-hardened carbon steel, chemically nickel-plated to protect the surface from rust. Forge quality.

APPLICATIONS of hand stamps with diameter symbol: Steels up to 1500 N/mm², all non-ferrous metals, steelworks, foundries, metal processing, pipes, connection technology, mechanical engineering, toolmaking.

USAGE: Whether for marking jewelry and watches, for imprinting numbers, designs, logos, or letters on machines, leather, wood, metal, or plastic - or for applying serial numbers to components or machinery - our hand stamps are the solution.

Steel Hand Stamp "Diameter" Ø