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Pickardt letterpress AZ Low Stress: Dotted, Radii, Radii-dotted

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Stamp Sets Low Stress A - Z Dotted, Radii, Radius Dotted

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Hand stamps are marking tools made of tool steel with which letters, numbers or logos can be engraved into materials such as metal or leather using a hammer.

Body measurements (SH = font height)

SH 2 mm 10x10x80mm
SH3mm 10x10x80mm
SH 6 mm 12x12x85mm
SH8mm 14x14x95mm
SH10mm 16x16x95mm
SH12mm 18x18x100mm
SH15mm 20x20x105mm
SH20mm 25x15x105mm
SH 25 mm 30x15x105mm

Features of Low Stress Stamp Sets

Stamp sets: quality and versatility for precise markings

Our high-precision stamping sets are manufactured using CNC-controlled engraving machines to ensure maximum accuracy and quality. The material used, carbon steel, is hand-hardened to ensure the highest quality. With standard font heights from 2 to 25 mm - and even higher where possible - our stamping sets offer a wide range of application possibilities.

The stamps have a turned striking head and are ground by hand to the engraving, which enables precise and careful marking. The sets are sandblasted and use the proven DIN 1451 font for clear and easily legible impressions.

Consisting of 27 pieces, our stamps are packaged in a practical blue plastic box and proudly bear the "MADE IN GERMANY" label - a sign of first-class German craftsmanship.


  • HARDENED BY HAND: The Low Stress stamping sets are hardened by hand to ensure consistently high quality. Proof of German craftsmanship at the highest level.
  • VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE APPLICATION: Thanks to their special quality, our hand stamps are used in demanding areas such as forging, die making and steel construction as well as in the hobby or do-it-yourself sector. They are versatile and can be flexibly adapted to requirements.
  • ALSO FOR PROFESSIONALS: Made from carbon steel and hardened by hand, our stamps are chemically nickel-plated to prevent rust. The result is forged quality that also meets the demands of professionals.
  • AREAS OF APPLICATION: Our stamping sets are used in steelworks, foundries, metal processing, pipe connection technology, mechanical engineering and toolmaking. They are suitable for steels up to 1500 N/mm² and all non-ferrous metals.
  • APPLICATION: Whether for embossing jewelry, watches, numbers, motifs, logos or letters - our stamping stamps are the ideal solution. They leave clear impressions on machines, leather, wood, metal or plastic. Serial numbers can also be applied to components or machines precisely and reliably.