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Pickardt - Handshake type holder THS 100

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Steel handshake type holder THS 100

This robust hand-struck type holder for heavy work is available in standard sizes from 1-15 mm. It is struck in with a hammer and has an interchangeable type system. The holder is chemically nickel-plated and has a pin lock to securely fix the steel types. The number of digits is adjustable (standard options are 8 or 12 digits). The construction is solid, with a head-tempered and hardened impact area for a clean embossed image. It is suitable for use on steels up to 1500 N/mm² and on all non-ferrous metals. Typical areas of application are steelworks, foundries, metal processing, pipes, connection technology, mechanical engineering and toolmaking.

All parts chemically nickel-plated. Made in Germany

Areas of application

  • Steels up to 1500 N/mm²
  • all non-ferrous metals
  • Steelworks, foundries, metal processing, pipes, joining technology, mechanical engineering, toolmaking, DIY

Properties of steel handshake type holder THS 100

  • Standard sizes for steel types from 1 – 15 mm
  • for driving in with a hammer
  • Interchangeable type system
  • Chemically nickel-plated provides corrosion protection
  • Determination of types by means of tightening screw
  • Number of positions as per list in shop
  • Other job numbers on request!
  • Heavy duty system for high loads
  • Hardened contact surface
  • Clean embossed image
  • Version for presses available


  • easy marking of all types of workpieces
  • high quality of prints
  • quick exchange of types
  • great textual flexibility – logos also possible
  • Roll-off method also possible
  • Heavy duty therefore durable

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