General Information

Numbering Heads

Numbering Heads will be used in the area of product identification for the marking of products with serial numbers, model numbers, date tags and other informations.
They are needed in the metal, plastic, leather and wood processing industry.
With numbering heads you will get an unchangeable identification.
Two systems are possible: cold and hot marking ( using electronic and adjustable heaters – on request ! )

In addition to the standard numbering heads character heights of 1 mm to 100 mm can be realized. In addition to the standard fonts all engravable fonts are possible.

Special numbering heads in combination with upstream or downstream type holders or numbering heads with hollow or arched engravings are also possible.

You can ask for special numbering heads – we have our own construction !

Basically there are two different systems:

Pin locked numbering heads are kept in position by means of a locking pin . The wheels are engraved between the digits of a corresponding groove.

Spring locked numbering heads are held by a rear gripper spring at the position. To accomplish this, a circuit is milled laterally introduced to the wheels.

Automatically switching numbering heads ( spring locked ) also have a switching device that makes possible a consecutive numbering.

Our numbering heads are chemically nickel plated against rust.
The wheels are manufactured in standard from 1.2842 ( 1.2510 ) HRC 60 -1 .
Other materials are possible.
Embossing – advantages:
• Easy identification of all kinds of parts
• High quality of the imprints
• High working speed
• Simple adjustment of the wheels
• Modular design for maximum flexibility
• Easy exchange of spare wheels
• Spare wheels can be ordered individually
• For manual and automatic use



Hand stamps are marking tools made of tool steel, with which individual letters, numbers and logo’s can be embossed with a hammer in materials such as metal, leather, plastic etc..

The characters to be impressed is mirrored in relief on one end of the elongated and usually square or rectangular ( in cross-section ) punch.

Our Punches are manufactured from high quality carbon steel.
The engravings are made by CNC – controlled engraving machine.
The stamps feature a turned or milled striking head and sand-blasted by hand to the engraving. The curing is also done manually in special ovens to produce the required hardness.
Due to the fast and flexible application possibilities of this priced favorably item is also often used even today in various areas of production.
In addition to the systems offered in the shop all kinds of handstamps can be manufactured ( on request ).

Our hand stamps are rust protected ( chemically nickel plated ).
The hand stamps are made of carbon steel.
Other materials are also possible, e.g. Mat 1.2842.

Hand stamps – advantages:

• Easy and quick identification of all kinds of parts
• High quality of the impressions
• Low costs
• All possible fonts can be engraved
• All displayable Logo’s also possible ( proofs available )


Steel Types and Type Holders

Steel types are sharp or flat engraved dies, leaving a legible imprint in the tagged material.
The actual purpose is to generate a desired text from the individual types.
With appropriate type holders it is possible can make one or multiple lines of text.
Holder can also be designed in a way that text can be placed at specific positions. So it is possible to achieve maximum flexibility in product marking.
Holder can be used both: manually (by hammer) as well with a press.

Steel types can be pressed or rolled.
In addition to a sharp engraving also dotted or low-stress engravings are possible.
(To reduce the notch effect)
For roller embossing you need special Holders and type segments.
Or hot-foil stamping can also be created with suitable types.
All systems or special type stamps that are not listed in the shop can be requested of course.

Our stainless steel types are chemically nickel plated.
The wheels are manufactured in standard from 1.2210 or 1.2842 (1.2510) HRC 60 -1.
Other materials are also possible.

Type Holder and Steel types – advantages:
• easy identification of parts of all kinds
• high-quality imprints
• rapid replacement of the types
• large textual flexibility – also Logo’s possible
• Multi-line text possible by appropriate type holders
• roll-on also possible
• for manual and automatic use