Steel Types and Type Holders

General Information

Steel types are sharp or flat engraved dies, leaving a legible imprint in the tagged material.
The actual purpose is to generate a desired text from the individual types.
With appropriate type holders it is possible can make one or multiple lines of text.
Holder can also be designed in a way that text can be placed at specific positions. So it is possible to achieve maximum flexibility in product marking.
Holder can be used both: manually (by hammer) as well with a press.

Steel types can be pressed or rolled.
In addition to a sharp engraving also dotted or low-stress engravings are possible.
(To reduce the notch effect)
For roller embossing you need special Holders and type segments.
Or hot-foil stamping can also be created with suitable types.
All systems or special type stamps that are not listed in the shop can be requested of course.

Our stainless steel types are chemically nickel plated.
The wheels are manufactured in standard from 1.2210 or 1.2842 (1.2510) HRC 60 -1.
Other materials are also possible.

Type Holder and Steel types – advantages:
• easy identification of parts of all kinds
• high-quality imprints
• rapid replacement of the types
• large textual flexibility – also Logo’s possible
• Multi-line text possible by appropriate type holders
• roll-on also possible
• for manual and automatic use