Hand Stamps

General Information

Hand stamps are marking tools made of tool steel, with which individual letters, numbers and logo’s can be embossed with a hammer in materials such as metal, leather, plastic etc..

The characters to be impressed is mirrored in relief on one end of the elongated and usually square or rectangular ( in cross-section ) punch.

Our Punches are manufactured from high quality carbon steel.
The engravings are made by CNC – controlled engraving machine.
The stamps feature a turned or milled striking head and sand-blasted by hand to the engraving. The curing is also done manually in special ovens to produce the required hardness.
Due to the fast and flexible application possibilities of this priced favorably item is also often used even today in various areas of production.
In addition to the systems offered in the shop all kinds of handstamps can be manufactured ( on request ).

Our hand stamps are rust protected ( chemically nickel plated ).
The hand stamps are made of carbon steel.
Other materials are also possible, e.g. Mat 1.2842.

Hand stamps – advantages:

• Easy and quick identification of all kinds of parts
• High quality of the impressions
• Low costs
• All possible fonts can be engraved
• All displayable Logo’s also possible ( proofs available )